Hunter Beer

Returned from Bangladesh on Thursday afternoon.. A reasonable trip. When we were living in Dhaka one of the big priorities was the security of beer supplies. T would spend many hours hunting down the amber nectar.  We never came across a local hooch whilst living in Dhaka, but finally there is a beer brewed in Bangladesh and its a Fosters rip off – Hunter..


I am not sure about the alcohol content claimed, but it was okay!!

The Diwali holiday festivities finishes this weekend in Delhi. The air is still smoggie,  mainly due to the level of fireworks to celebrate the festival of light. I missed it this year while travelling in Bangladesh on the roads visiting suppliers trying to avoid industrial disputes and accidents!!


Finally the internet bandwidth has been sorted out in my apartment with a broadband connection. This means I can resume listening to streaming radio without the need to swear as the line continually drops! So I must listen to the Classic Serial this weekend – Inspector John Rebus.


Still trying to find anther apartment.. I have a few viewings later this morning.. Lets see what happens.. If I find one I will move at the beginning of January..

Have a good weekend.. Mark

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